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James & Kate
Larkbeare House, Exeter, Devon.

Wedding at Larkbeare House, Exeter, Devon.

Andy (Groom Prep)
Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon.

Groom Prep, Totnes, Devon

Groom Prep, Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon

Phillip & Lauren
Cockington Court, Torquay, Devon.

Wedding in Cockington Court, Torquay, Devon.

Wedding in Cockington Court, Torquay, Devon.

James & Kara
Holne Park House, Ashburton, Dartmoor, Devon.

Kara and James Wedding, Dartmoor, Devon.

Lee & Hanna
Greenwich, London.

Wedding  photos from London

Wedding in Greenwich, London

Wedding in Greenwich, London

Ray & Sandie
Lupton House, Brixham, Devon.

Sandie and Ray, Lupton House, Brixham.


What makes Diamonds & Dreams different?

Wedding photography is a passion, it is something we LOVE doing and we really are excited at every wedding. We don't want it to ever feel like a chore. We space apart the weddings, so we have enough of a gap between each one, to finish off all the photos 'before' we move onto the next wedding. The gap between weddings keeps it all exciting for us, it keeps our passion for wedding photography strong.

We process your wedding photos within 1-2 weeks and for the most part, we don't book anything else during that time. We only take 1-2 weeks to process all your photos because we love doing that side of the photography as well. We quite happily spend 8 hours a day processing the photos.

If you look at the photos above again you should see the passion we have shine through. That's what makes us so unique!

Anyone can photograph a 'moment'. Our photos capture the 'emotion in a moment'.